Blackrock Microsystems supports your neuroscience research project from conceptualization all the way through to data analysis and interpretation, helping you make a tangible difference in the lives of real people facing real neurophysiologic challenges.

Solutions for

Data Acquisition

Cerebus™ Neural Signal Processor

NeuroPort™ system
frequency (action potentials) and
low-bandwidth (EEG) signals

CerePlex™ Direct


CereStim™ fully programmable
96-channel neurostimulator

Optogenetics Starter Kit is an optical
stimulation starter kit capable of
controlling targeted cells of living tissue.

Utah Array and Neuroport Array

The Utah / Neuroport Array has become a benchmark for multichannel, high-density, neural recordings from large populations of neurons. Over the past two decades, this patented microelectrode array technology has undergone numerous refinements and repeated validations in a variety of species (humans, monkeys, birds, rodents, felines, fish) and preparations (in vitro and in vivo).

Utah Array features & benefits
  • High-density, multichannel configuration
  • Up to 128 electrodes in various configurations
  • Customizable designs in terms of pitch, length and pass-throughs
  • High-quality neural recordings accessible immediately after implantation
  • Floating neural interface
  • Sterilizable
  • Excellent stability in acute and chronic applications
  • Microstimulation-capable
  • Various connector options are available

Some Utah Array applications – Motor cortex, Sensory cortex, Spinal cord and Peripheral nerve fibers

Digital Headstages

CerePlex™ M headstage
small, lightweight digital headstage

CerePlex™ µ headstage
with built-in LED for tracking and 3D accelerometer and gyroscope

CerePlex™ W
is a lightweight, wireless digital headstage

CerePlex™ E headstage

CerePlex™ A
is a high-channel, low-noise, quasi-DC amplifier designed for simplicity, flexibility and miniaturization

Video Capture and Tracking

NeuroMotive is a sophisticated tracking system for capturing video, tracking coordinates and user-inserted events such as seizure onset, task completion, drug delivery and object recognition during experiments with behaving subjects.

Analysis Software

ephys analysis software tools that streamline and empower neural signal data analysis including Blackrock Offline Spike Sorter (BOSS), NeuroExplorer and Matlab toolkits

BOSS is a standalone software package that facilitates offline spike sorting. It enables you to read continuous and neural-event data contained in a variety of file formats.

NeuroExplorer is fully compatible with Blackrock data acquisition system files and supports sophisticated ephys analyses as well as professional presentation of results.

Human Research

Blackrock products are continually chosen for the highest profile human research projects such as BrainGate, DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics, DARPA Restoring Active Memory and DARPA HAPTIX.

Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) setup

  • Utah Electrode Arrays
  • Patient Cables
  • Front-End Amplifier
  • Front-End Amplifier Power Supply
  • NeuroPort System

Epilepsy monitoring using ECoG

  • ECoG Grid Array
  • Cabrio headstages
  • Front-End Amplifier
  • Front-End Amplifier Power Supply
  • NeuroPort System

Epilepsy monitoring using microelectrodes

  • CerePlex I
  • Digital Hub
  • NeuroPort System

Primate Research

High-channel-count setup

  • Electrode Array
  • CerePlex™ M
  • Utah Arrays
  • CerePlex™ E
  • Digital Hub
  • Cerebus™ System

Wireless setup

  • Utah Arrays
  • CerePlex W Transmitter
  • Receiving Antenna
  • CerePlex W Receiver
  • Digital Hub
  • Cerebus™ System

Rodent Research

Freely moving opto/electric setup

  • Electrode Array
  • Stimulation Y-Adapter
  • CerePlex™ µ (32-channel)—a miniature headstage and stimulation controller designed especially for use in mice.
  • Doric Lenses Commutator—prevents twisting of headstage cable and fiberoptic for freely moving animals.
  • Digital Hub—accepts inputs from up to four CerePlex headstages (up to 128 channels. Optical transmission to the NSP facilitates isolation and long-distance transmission.
  • Cerebus™ System (32-channel)—for data acquisition.
  • Optogenetics Stimulation System—integrated optical and genetic stimulation and recording kit for controlling specific events in targeted cells.
  • Optogenetics LED Source CereStim™ 96—high-channel-count, programmable electric stimulator

Plug-and-play setup

  • Electrode Array
  • CerePlex M (32 channel)—small digital headstage with a single-cable connector for setup ease.
  • CerePlex Direct—simple, cost-effective DAQ system for precise neural signal recording.