MR integration with various other modalities
Expertise in integrating Solutions

Every research is different, so is the need for a solution. We have expertise to provide Research Solutions by integrating various modalities with MR Imaging.

Functional MR Imaging for Research

We provide a exhaustive range of hardware and accessories for functional MR Imaging for research.

Binocular Visual System with optional
Eye Tracking


NordicNeuroLab VisualSystem is a sophisticated and flexible solution for presenting visual stimuli inside the MRI scanner.

40” UHD LCD Display


This brand new, stunning 40” 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice was designed to provide an optimal MRI compatible monitor that satisfies the needs of both clinical and advanced scientific applications.

AudioSystem, High-end audio solution for fMRI


High-quality Headphones and EarPlug, together with the user-friendly Communication Console, give both research and clinical users versatile control over auditory stimulus presentation.

Pulse Synchronisation for Paradigm delivery

One of the challenges in fMRI is to synchronize stimulus presentation with MR image acquisition. Accuracy of timing and verification of timing information is critical to the validity of results.

Paradigm Presentation Software

Cedrus Superlab

Cedrus Superlab
Response Collection Devices




A multimodal neuroimaging technique which enables the acquisition of EEG and fMRI data synchronously. The technique is being used worldwide to evaluate normal brain function as well as brain function associated with recognized brain disorders.

Scalp EEG reflects the brain‘s electrical activity, more specifically it represents post-synaptic potentials in the cerebral cortex. fMRI detects haemodynamic changes throughout the brain known as the BOLD effect (Blood Oxygen Level Dependent). EEG-fMRI therefore enables the direct correlation of these two important measures of brain activity.

Brain Products has offered state-of-the-art systems for EEG & fMR, BrainAmp MR series amplifiers – from non magnetic materials – dedicated for use inside the scanner bore. offline as well as real-time gradient and pulse artifact correction software (BrainVision Analyzer 2 and BrainVision RecView) for EEG-fMRI artifact correction. special “MR safe” electrode caps – preserving subject safety and image quality, resulting in hundreds of EEG-fMRI publications using Brain Products Hard- and Software.

EEG/fMRI – Best Current Practice


Simultaneous electroencephalography (EEG) and functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI) is a powerful neuroimaging tool.

Interleaved TMS/fMRI

We offer a technique that makes it possible to induce neural activity into targeted cortical regions during the actual MRI scanning. The complete TMS/fMRI system solution addresses all artifacts to obtain excellent image quality. This system has been developed in close cooperation with some of the leading Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) centres around the world.

  • Reduced RF Noise
  • Stimulator Recharge delay
  • Balanced Leakage Current
  • Minimized artifacts
  • Increased Safety

MRi-B91 Air Cooled TMS Coil


7 channel MRi coil


Concurrent fNIRS/fMRI measurement

Compared to fMRI, fNIRS has different advantages and disadvantages. While fMRI has become the gold standard for in vivo imaging of the human brain, fNIRS stands out for its portability and robustness to noise, bringing functional imaging into realistic environments. While limited by its inferior spatial resolution and penetration depth, fNIRS has a much higher temporal resolution than fMRI, allowing measurements of concentration changes in both oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin.

We can provide MRI compatible NIRS modules, with sufficiently long optical fibers and MRI compatible optodes, for seamless installation in an MRI environment. Digital trigger inputs allow for fNIRS fMRI integration.

Example of concurrent fMRI and fNIRS imaging during a left and right finger tapping experiment. FMRI data have been collected on a Siemens Magnetom 3T. fNIRS data have been collected on a NIRX NIRSportAPD/LED module.

Above: FSL thresholded activation images. Left>Right(blue) and Right>Left(red) overlaid on anatomical scan. Right: SPM{t} activation images, contrasts defined in each image, overlaid on MNI template.

MR Ergometers

Static measurements are just a snapshot and do not reveal the entire physiological range of an organism. In many diseases, symptoms will only be apparent on the application of a load or during movement. The Diagnostic Pedals are MR conditional devices which are designed to produce physical stress to the human body inside the MR bore.

The basis of a Diagnostic Pedal is the Control unit, which enables the remote operation of the devices. Due to our exchange system, all modules (cardiologic, orthopedic or muscular) can be operated with the same control unit.



Cardio Step Module
Investigating the cardiovascular system during exercise


Trispect Module
Investigating the calf muscle during exercise


Tibiospect Module
Investigating the Musculus tibialis anterior during exercise


Quadspect Module
Investigating the Quadriceps muscle during exercise


Ischiospect Module
Investigating the hamstring muscles during exercise


Orthospect Module
Simulating an upright position for high-quality MR and CT images of the musculo-skeletal system

Tactile Stimulator

A revolutionary instrument for fMRI diagnosis and research, example brain plasticity. It gives new range for neurology and neurosurgery localization research, which till now were covered by finger tapping.

Tactile Stimulator can occur in two variants of interface matrix depending on customer needs: dedicated to tactile stimulation (Tactile Interface) or displaying combination of four Braille alphabet characters (Braille Interface).


A device to stimulate the human neuronal system. This system can deliver 4 scents to the subject in the MR environment. The advantages of our system are time precision, fully computer controlled works with any presentation software, programmable protocols. The most important, and innovative feature is delivery of the scents with the breath rhythm.