Dedicated Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Functional infrared neuroimaging systems from NIRX.

NIRX is a world-leader in providing integrated solutions for fNIRS neuro-imaging. In 1988 NIRX introduced the concept of tomographic imaging (i.e., multi-distance measurements) in dense scattered media base on diffusely scattered light. This approach has since been widely adapted and has served to launch the modern day field of fNIRS tomography.


  • Real-Time Processing.
  • Capable of short-distance and multi-distance (tomography, 3D depth) measurements
  • Illumination pattern (source firing sequence) fully-customizable, which increases sampling rate
  • Can measure up to 8 subjects from a single system
  • Up to 255 triggers input, and up to 255 triggers output
  • Tandem operation: two systems used to measure data from a single subject, connected to a single recording computer


  • BCI/Neurofeedback
  • Child measurements
  • Cochlear Implant research
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Developmental Disorders & Psychology
  • Hyperscanning (multi-subject measurements)
  • Movement/Balance (with longer probe cables)
  • Infant Monitoring
  • Neuropathology
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Social Interaction
  • Speech/Language
  • Stroke and Rehabilitation research
  • Traumatic Brain Injury research
  • Visual Impairment/Stimulation



The NIRScout is a user-friendly, modular, and robust functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) platform which measures hemodynamic responses to neuroactivation via oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin changes in the cerebral cortex. The NIRScout platform includes a host of ready-to-implement upgrades and modules to meet the needs of a broad range of cognitive neuroscience applications.


The NIRSport is a freely configurable, battery operated, fNIRS system comprising of 8 illumination sources and 8 detection sensors. This ultra-light (1kg) system combines LED illumination and innovative active detection sensor technology to provide a truly wearable neuroimaging solution.

The NIRSport also offers the ability for tandem studies with two separate systems synchronized to operate simultaneously, thus doubling the source-detector density (up to 32 positions on the head)


NIRStar - NIRS Acquisition Software

NIRStar is designed to function as a multiplatform instrument controlling environment that offers maximum flexibility to support the many investigational paradigms that the NIRx line of NIRSport and NIRScout functional imaging systems can explore. Whether your aim is to perform mobile studies with the NIRSport or high density hyperscanning measurements with the NIRScoutX, NIRStar gives you a wealth of system control and real-time display capabilities that are designed to maximize the investigational opportunities accessible with NIRS.


nirsLAB™ provides users a feature rich statistic parametric mapping environment designed to meet the most demanding neuroimaging study. Whether your study involves child or adult subjects; mobile or hyper-scanning environments; nirsLAB™’s GUI-based tool boxes provide the resources to easily edit and explore the many neuro-response features accessible by NIRS imaging technology from NIRx. Equipped with individual and group level (MNI) atlases, single and multi-subject findings can be quantitatively evaluated and mapped in a variety of display formats.

NIRScout / NIRSport + EEG Data Integration

Data integration with NIRScout/ NIRSport and EEG systems is easy with event synchronization. This may be done at the start and end of experiments, during ‘trigger’ events, or arbitrarily during the experiment.

Example Right: The event trigger generated by the presentation computer is sent to the digital interface (trigger splitter), where the events are then sent to the NIRx trigger splitter box, splitting each trigger and maintaining the proper voltage, sending the even signal to the NIRS and EEG systems. This trigger-splitting method may be used from different input devices (e.g., TMS, eye-tracking, etc.), and sent to multiple recording devices.

fNIRS-based BCI for Robot Control

fNIRS Hyperscanning

Data Acquisition Using NIRSport

Multi-Subject Recording

NIRSport – fNIRS during movement