Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)

Posted on 10-02-2017 , by: Aerobe , in , 0 Comments

A LiveAmp, the Tobii Pro Glasses 2, a drone, 3 juggling clubs. We have been to the BCI2016 meeting in Asilomar (Monterey, CA, USA). There we wanted to show truly mobile brain and body imaging.

To do so we set up our LiveAmp to record 24 channels of EEG, 8 channels of EMG and the body movements via acceleration in 3 dimensions. The EMG was placed on the forearms. The amplifier was fixed to the back of the subject. The integration with the eye-tracker is very simple and straightforward. All it takes is to connect the trigger out (audio jack) with the trigger input of the LiveAmp. The triggers are sent automatically from the eye-tracker to the LiveAmp. Both devices stream the data in real-time as well as store the data on board. After the recording, the EEG data are fed into BrainVision Analyzer 2. Then the Analyzer 2 add channels module is used to add the synchronized eye-tracking data.

The task was to go running while juggling 3 clubs. The action was filmed using a drone. For the video we overlayed the drone video with the eye-tracker scene video, the EEG stream and the EMG and acceleration data streams. The video was recorded at the coast nearby the Asilomar conference ground. For those who were at the BCI2016 meeting, you will surely recognize the place.

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