Empowering NeuroModulation

Non Invasive Transcranial Magnetic / Direct current Stimulation Systems from the world leaders in transcranial direct current and magnetic stimulation.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

We offer most powerful stimulators with a range of coils for every research need. We always had a first mover advantage, developing the research features mush before the competition.


magpro XP – The most powerful stimulator in the market today

  • MagPro XP 250 pps stimulator
  • 3 Pulse widths to choose.
  • Theta Burst within fMRI
  • Advanced burst sequencing
  • Clustered pulses at extremely high frequencies (pps)
  • 6 Channel inbuilt ExG pod for EEG and EMG
  • Intelligent high performance coil cooling system
  • Integrated computer for external integration

magpro MST – Complete research system for Magnetic Seizure Therapy. With patient monitoring and twin coil for flexible positioning.

  • Patient monitoring – 6 channel ExG pod for EEG and EMG
  • Additional screen for e.g. EEG/EMG curves
  • Twin coil for flexible placement of coils
  • Intelligent high performance coil cooling system
  • Integrated computer for external integration

MagPro X100 An advanced, high performance magnetic stimulator designed primarily for research.

MagPro R30 or X100 with MagOption for Added power, added pulse modes, and added waveforms.

MagPro R100 An advanced, high-performance magnetic stimulator ideal for neuronal and muscular stimulation.


We provide a full range of coils, and some special coils for research.

MRi-B91 Air Cooled Coil, for use in MRI scanners.

Cool-B65 A/P coil for double-blinded studies *

Cool-40 for Rodents.

Cool D-B80 A/P coil for double-blinded studies *

Cool-D50 – asymmetrical research coil

Cool D-B80 Butterfly Coil

MCF-B70 Butterfly Coil

MMC-140 Parabolic coil

* Active/Placebo Coil, functions as both active (A) and placebo (P) coil and its symmetrical design with no indication of active vs. placebo side makes it ideal for double-blinded studies.

TMS-fMRI System Solution
  • Specially-made coil holder to ease operation
  • Specially-made coil for efficacy and safety
  • Power line filter to keep RF noise out of the scanner
  • Leakage current reduction
  • Charge delay
  • Remote control
  • Emergency stop

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)

Soterix Medical 1×1 Platforms

The 1×1 platform stimulators are the most precise stimulators ever made for non-invasive electrical stimulation, including unique control features not available on any other products.

  • Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (1×1 tDCS) for industry standard control and safety
  • tDCS with Limited Total Energy (1×1 tDCS-LTE) unique safety feature for susceptible populations
  • Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (1×1 tACS) for unmatched precision in AC
  • Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (1×1 tES) for versatile solution in a single system including tDCS, tPCS, tACS, and tRNS.
  • 1×1 Clinical Trials (1×1-CT) for the most advanced solution for true double-blind clinical trials in tDCS, tPCS, tACS, and tRNS.

High Definition-transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Soterix Medical High-Definition transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) is a non-invasive technique where brain regions are targeted using arrays of electrodes on the scalp. In contrast to conventional tDCS, which uses large sponge electrodes, HD-tDCS uses our exclusive Soterix Medical “High-Definition” small gel based electrodes.

The 4×1 HD-tDCS montage categorically transformed the possibilities with non-invasive neuromodulation but allowing precise targeting of cortical structures. How focal is 4×1 HD-tDCS? The region of current flow is circumscribed by the area of the 4x ring, such that decreasing ring radius increased focality. Scientists went on to demonstrate that 4×1 HD-tDCS allow for unifocal stimulation, meaning the polarity of the center 1x electrode will determine the direction of neuromodulation under the ring (Villamar 2013).

M×N tDCS Systems – The most advanced noninvasive neuromodulation platform Scalable from 5 to 82 concurrent stimulation channels With exclusive Neurotargeting software

The MxN stimulators comprise of multiple, independent, and isolated channels with one common (or reference) channel. The platform is fully scalable based on 9-channel (M×N-9) and 5-channel (M×N-5) modules. This means you can start with a powerful but economical system and add channels as needed, or break your existing system into independent functioning stimulators.

Neurotargeting Software – Optimize current delivery to targeted brain regions

Optimization of electrode montage for brain targeting and individual subject customization has never been as easier as with Soterix Medical’s Neurotargeting software. With recognition that placing an electrode “over” a target does not support rational tDCS dose design, the Soterix Medical suite of software tools allow simple and automatic optimization. Optimized dose can then be used to configure your Soterix tDCS and HD-tDCS stimulator. Soterix Neurotargeting software also provides high-resolution current flow visualization that can be used to support publications, presentations and proposals.

HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to investigate brain targeting for their own HD configurations. HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to rationally plan HD protocols.

HD-Targets™ – Non-invasive brain targeting software, automatically determines the best HD configuration for any brain target.

Integration with other modalities

Technology-informed integration of tDCS with monitoring technologies such as EEG, PET, MEG, NIR, fMRI, and eye tracking, is essential. Soterix Medical tDCS⁺ leverages the experience of our clinical partners and our unmatched biomedical expertise. And tDCS⁺ is open to cross-platform compatibility so that you can use the monitoring technology you want and trust.