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NordicNeuroLab is a leading global provider of products and integrated solutions for functional MRI, used for evaluation of diseases and injuries related to brain function. Our goal is to bring the most advanced neuroimaging tools to market, and at the same time make them easy to implement and use. We have therefore created complete fMRI solutions that include everything required to conduct an fMRI s

Making fMRI results robust, reliable and repeatable

Integrated hardware and software solutions


NordicNeuroLab provides a turnkey solution for clinical fMRI. It is a complete and user-friendly system for simplifying and standardising implementation of functional MRI in clinical environments. It has been specifically designed to fit within the workflow of your hospital’s daily routine, making the process of pre-surgical mapping simple, efficient and reproducible.


VisualSystem HD:

High-end Visual Stimulation for fMRI for 1,5T and 3T

NordicNeuroLab VisualSystem HD is a sophisticated and flexible solution for presenting visual stimuli inside the MR scanner.


  • Real 3D for maze tasks
  • 80% increased field of view
  • Adjustable to all sizes
  • HD Resolution

InroomViewing Device

An LCD Screen for 7T, 3T and 1,5T MRI environments to present stimulus and video during an MRI scan with its slim design, high definition 40” display and superior picture quality, the InroomViewingDevice is the optimal choice for an easy-to-use alternative to conventional projectors or goggle-based image delivery systems.


  • 4K resolution
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated forward facing camera
  • height adjustable
  • Mobile footstand


Nordic Aktiva: Clinical stimulus presentation and workflow software


  • STANDARDIZATION OF fMRI: Our ready-to-use paradigms follow recommendations from the ASFNR (American Society for Functional Neuroradiology).

  • EFFICIENCY & EASE OF USE: Automatic synchronization of MRI acquisition with paradigm presentation to enable a single technician to acquire reliable fMRI data.

  • INTEGRATED WITH fMRI HARDWARE: nordicAktiva runs seamlessly with the NNL fMRI hardware, displaying the paradigm to the patient during the MR imaging exam.

  • MULTI-LINGUAL SUPPORT: nordicAktiva provides detailed patient and operator instructions and paradigms in multiple languages.

  • INTEGRATION WITH SIEMENS: nordicAktiva can be integrated with the Siemens Numaris platform (version 4) via the MR console. This allows direct control of the stimulus presentation from the operating console.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Paradigms can be modified based on user preferences and grouped into a user- or application-specific library of paradigms. nordicAktiva also supports a variety of audio and video file formats.

  • Paradigms for Motor and Language Mapping: We provide a comprehensive library of paradigms for mapping of motor, language, visual and auditor.

  • Design File: nordicAktiva creates a design file of the paradigm that can be exported to nordicBrainEx for automatic analysis of the BOLD signal.

  • Synchronized and Simulate mode: It is possible to run nordicAktiva in simulate mode, without the need for an external trigger. This is particularly useful for training the patient before the fMRI exam.

  • Preview of Patient Display: The MRI tech can preview the patient display from within nordicAktiva without the need to mirror the display.

NordicBrainEx: Clinical Neuroimaging Software for Functional MRI


  • ASSISTS NEURORADIOLOGISTS IN DIAGNOSIS: Advanced perfusion analysis can be used for
    • Differential diagnosis
    • Suggestions of glioma grade & histological sub-type.
    • Outcome and survival predictions
  • TO GUIDE SURGEONS DURING NEURONAVIGATION: BOLD activation maps and DTI fiber groups can be exported to the neuronavigation systems to guide surgeons in their approach during surgery.
  • ASSISTS NEURORADIOLOGISTS WITH TREATMENT FOLLOW-UP: Advanced perfusion analysis allows treatment response assessment particularly:
    • Distinguish true from pseudoprogression
    • Distinguish true from pseudoresponse.
  • Module-based Post-processing and Analysis: BOLD fMRI, DTI, Perfusion (DSC), DCE Modules which can be used either independently or in combination.
  • Flexible Visualization and Analysis Options: Unlimited combination of overlays and underlays – combine BOLD fMRI, DTI, DSC perfusion and DCE overlays in same view.
  • Vendor Neutral: DICOM compatible and capable of analyzing data from all major MRI vendors.
  • Flexible Output Formats: Saving of parametric maps, 3D snapshots or animations to various file formats or directly to PACS.

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