Sintesi is an innovative device that provides a new way of doing physical activity both in sport and in rehabilitation. Its technology is based on the use of electric motors to generate a load that simulates the one of the most varied equipments used in gyms. All working parameters are set by a simple tablet that is always connected to the machine and shows in real time relevant and objective data on training, with the ability to store and compare them, to allow the trainer to develope “workouts” always at their best.

Digital Solutions for Fitness and Rehabilitation

Sintesi Gym

Control gravity, train like never before and be amazed by our patented Dynamic Vectoring technology, which allows Sintesi to simulate the behaviour of free weights, elastic resistance, rowing machines and numerous other traditional pieces of kit. With the tablet provided, you can set up your routine at the touch of a button, view your performance data in real time and take your workouts to the next level.

The best of Italian design and quality

Sintesi is the fruit of meticulous attention to detail and is 100% made in Italy. Its two tubular modules and internal mechanisms are made from aeronautical aluminium, complete with anti-wear and anti-friction polymer finishes. Sintesi’s electric motors can generate loads up to 100kg and up to 2kW of power by harnessing the energy from the user’s workout.

Two configurations for a total workout


Set up your workout with one touch on the tablet provided, then simply focus on your workout. Use the Sintesi app to monitor and manage your progress.

  • Top 10 Exercises - Woman
  • Top 10 Exercises - Man
  • Digital Loads for the Home versions
  • Dynamic Vectoring explanation
  • The App for the Home versions