The Ergospect GmbH innovates medical technology solutions specialised in the development, production, and distribution of magnetic resonance-compatible devices. For every six available modules, each is incorporated with sophisticated ergometers to support clinicians and researchers to devise individual solutions adapted to your client’s requirements. Ergospect’s diagnostic pedals are MR conditional devices designed to produce physical stress to the human body inside the MR bore adaptable in tomographs of all leading manufacturers, and are conditional with all magnetic field strengths of 1.5 – 7 Tesla or even higher. Its basis is the control unit that allows remote operation of devices, due to the Ergospect’s exchange system, all of the product’s modules can be operated within the same control unit.

Learn more about the Physiological changes assessed with the MR technique and the diagnostic pedal’s features below!

Innovative Ergometers for MR Imaging

Ergospect ergometers use the most advanced technology to stimulate stress in an MRI bore, to mirror routine daily situations or training conditions. Musculoskeletal functions and physiological parameters can be measured dynamically and recorded digitally to clarify symptoms

Ergospect ergometers allow the medical practitioner to obtain information faster and with greater accuracy in order to pinpoint medical problems such as occlusive diseases, stenotic lesions or occlusions, metabolic and muscle wasting disorders, questions related to muscle and energy metabolism and musculoskeletal system indications. The medical fields of applications are: angiography, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, sports medicine, vascular surgery or pharmaceutical compatibility examinations. The available settings are suitable for all conventional MR-scanners and field strength. We are also able to deliver customised solutions to satisfy special requirements.

Physiological changes assessed with the MR technique:

  • energy metabolism, in-vivo metabolic studies: determination of mitochondrial function, anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and glycogen metabolism
  • lipid metabolism and deoxymyoglobin: tracking of intra- and extra-myocellular lipids and myoglobin
  • blood oxygen level dependency
  • Perfusion MRI, microcirculation within the exercising muscle or the myocardium
  • phase-contrast MRI, assessment of blood flow in the feeding vessel or changes in the tissue elasticity (cartilage, disks)
  • CINE MRI, cardiac function, real time imaging of pressure-sensitive tissue
  • Diffusion tensor imaging, fibre tracking in muscle tissue
  • Relaxametry, determination of edema or water content in different tissues under stress

Diagnostic Pedal Features

  • Fast and easy handling of the ergometer in daily clinical routines
  • Cutting-edge technology for signal transmission without disrupting MR measurements
  • Automatic recordings of all relevant parameters (e.g. force, distance, frequency and energy output).
  • Fully automatic force adaptation powered by a pneumatic system and regulation of the energy output by user-friendly control software.



CARDIO STEP MODULEInvestigating the cardiovascular system during exercise

TRISPECT MODULEInvestigating the calf muscle during exercise.

TIBIOSPECT MODULEInvestigating the Musculus tibialis anterior during exercise

QUADSPECT MODULEInvestigating the Quadriceps muscle during exercise

ISCHIOSPECT MODULEInvestigating the hamstring muscles during exercise

ORTHOSPECT MODULESimulating an upright position for high-quality MR and CT images of the musculo-skeletal system

  • Demo Video - Diagnostic Pedal Cardio inside MRT