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Wireless EMG with Real-time Biofeedback

The KineLive is a portable and wireless EMG system that allows you to monitor muscle activation in real-time. The system is designed for research and clinical use and can be used for evaluation and motivation in the fields of rehabilitation, sports, training, and ergonomics. With the KineLive, you can enhance rehabilitation and training programs with the use of visual biofeedback, which has been shown to yield better results and longer-lasting improvements.

Wireless EMG & Biofeedback

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Until now, hand-held, wired biofeedback systems have restricted movement for training and monitoring, thus limiting their use. KineLive addresses this constraint by incorporating completely wireless EMG measurement units to promote natural movements, at the same time becoming your virtual assistant in motor control through visual and audio biofeedback. Application is also simplified with the use of gel-free electrodes with each able to be applied in a matter of seconds.
The KineLive software is beautiful in its simplicity and integrates seamlessly with the Kine EMG hardware. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems and is built for customisation to all screen projectors.


  • Promotes natural movement
  • Quick application
  • Gel-free electrode placements
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Instant analysis and report
  • Multiple feedback modes
  • User-definable profiles
  • Trend-effect documentation


  •  Battery life: >3 hours continuous use (typically > 8 hours)
  •  Battery lifetime: after 300 charge cycles > 80% capacity
  •  Transmitter output power: 0.1 – 10[mW]
  •  Transmission carrier frequency: 433.05 – 434.79[MHz]
  •  Size of measuring unit: L:56[mm], W:46[mm], H:16[mm]
  •  Measuring unit weight: 26[g]
  •  Typical radio range: 10[m]
  •  Sampling frequency: 1600[Hz]
  •  Signal bandwidth: 16–500[Hz]
  •  Input impedance: 10[GΩ]
  •  Common mode rejection ratio: 110[dB]
  •  Sensitivity: 4 [μV]
  •  Output format: digital RS232/USB
  •  Power requirements: 110/220[V] 50/60[Hz], 9[W]/4ch
  •  Operating temperature: 0-50[°C]
  • Electrode: triode, 20[mm] apart
  • Biofeedback and handball injury
  • Example- Application, Test and Analysis
  • The Scapular Plane Test
  • Knee Squat Test
  • Using the KineLive in clinical sports physiotherapy