The Mangold is a pioneer and developer for both software and hardware solutions applied for data collection and analysis in the study of human and animal behaviour. Mangold’s products are applied by specialists for data acquisition, audio, visual recording, content analysis in observation projects. Mangold’s software systems including INTERACT, a qualitative and quantitative video coding software applied in observational research while efficiently producing statistical results. The LogSquare, a software soliton for usability or user-experience studies programmed with facial expressions and thinking aloud protocols, as well as an eye tracker. With the VideoSyncPro, integrate this synchronized video recording program for observation labs to be connected via a simple network connection while synchronised with other lab equipment. Lastly, the MangoldVision, a professional eye-tracking software, and hardware designed for structured eye-tracking tests while presenting various stimuli (i.e Images, videos, websites, EPrime, and SuperLab Projects). Learn more about these products in detail below!

Software for Analysis in Human & Animal Behaviour


Qualitative and Quantitative Video Coding Software

INTERACT is the software for synchronized viewing and analysis of video and audio files in observational research. It enables the qualitative and quantitative coding of content and quickly produces statistical results.

INTERACT offers unlimited coding and transcription possibilities for beginners and professionals.


How it works:

  • Method-Independent- Use your own individual observation methods and coding systems with INTERACT
  • Unlimited- Work with an almost unlimited number of videos simultaneously* in INTERACT and collect an unlimited amount of data.
  • Result-Oriented- INTERACT can unveil hidden information in your observational data. Things that would take very long to find out without such a powerful software tool.

Mangold INTERACT screenshot


  • Results at the touch of a button- INTERACT delivers statistical results at the touch of a button and makes them understandable. Exporting raw data as well as statistical results is also possible with a few mouse clicks.
  • Meaningful Visualizations- Use the extensive charting capabilities of INTERACT to create meaningful visualizations for your reports and presentations.
  • Gain more insights- View your data from a different perspective with the diverse data analysis capabilities of INTERACT. Discover the hidden information in your data, which cannot be obtained through observation.
  • Easy to use- intuitive usability and maximum flexibility
  • Unlimited coding and transcription possibilities- With INTERACT, complex coding/category systems can be used without restrictions.




The Out-of-the-Box Software-Solution for Usability and User Experience Studies

LogSquare records the entire User’s experience during a test session. The Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as mouse actions and keyboard entries.

For deeper insight, an Eye Tracker can be added to Mangold LogSquare. This is for example important whenever the user says something like “I don’t understand that” or “that is really interesting”. Because at these points one would like to know exactly what the user looked at.

Usability Tests across multiple computer screens


  • Full user experience recording: computer screen, camera, audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions
  • Integrated editor for creating structured Usability Scenarios
  • Integrated on-screen questionnaire support
  • Reporting based on coding, success of usability tasks and results of questionnaires
  • Easy data export
  • Easy video export for stakeholders
  • Options to synchronize other systems in a research lab
  • Supporting several Eye Tracker simultaneously

Mangold LogSquare - your screen recording solution




Synchronized Video Recording for Observation Labs

VideoSyncPro is a software program to record multiple videos in sync, through a simple network connection.  VideoSyncPro can synchronize other equipment in your lab, assuring that video and data from other systems can be analyzed in in sync later. The resulting video files are stored in an international standardized format, meaning they can be used for further analysis immediately, without any format conversion.

Monitor with Mangold VideoSyncPro application


  • Record various video streams in sync
  • Record lip-sync audio
  • Synchronize third party devices
  • Preview video and audio
  • Remote control cameras with the computer mouse

VideoSyncPro Studio in psychology and social science




Professional Eye Tracking Software and Hardware

Mangold Vision is an out-of-the box eye tracking system, including software and eye tracking hardware. It is designed to be the perfect solution for Structured Eye Tracking Tests with Multiple Participants.

Mangold Vision allows for presenting Various Stimuli (Images, Videos, Websites, EPrime and  SuperLab Projects). It can also capture the entire Computer Screen, the user’s Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as mouse actions and keyboard entries during a test session.

Computer screen with heat map



  • Fully customizable calibration process
  • Possible post-hoc gaze data re-calibration
  • Data filtering and analysis on arbitrary questionnaires and user attributes
  • Project reorganization and re-recording without losing previous recorded data
  • Easy project merging even if the projects have different stimuli and user attributes
  • Multidimensional stimulus randomization
  • Easy export of heatmap and gaze plot videos
  • Moving and morphing areas of interest on videos
  • Full user experience recording: user camera, user audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions
  • Options to synchronize other systems in a research labCapture the user experience with eyetracking


Mangold Software:

  • Gaze Plot
  • Focus Plot
  • Heat Map
  • AOI Gaze Pattern
  • Physiological Measurements
  • Areas of Interest
  • Statistical Results
  • Export and Visualization



Combine Measured Values and Observational Data for detailed Analysis

DataView is a software program to visualize and work with structured numeric data. It’s aim is to turn data into meaning. Import data from various sources, such as CSV files, professional EEG equipment, physiological measurements or data from other acquisition systems. The combination of measured values and observation data creates the context in which you can understand the true meaning of both data sources.

Monitor with Mangold DataView application


  • Combine Qualitative and Quantitative data
  • Import almost any structured numeric data
  • Connects automatically to Mangold INTERACT, LogSquare and MangoldVision and synchronizes video and data in time
  • Integrated programming environment for writing project individual data analysis and data management routines
  • Understand your data
  • Find more interesting results
  • Make publications faster