Mobile EEG devices for versatile research solutions

Mobile EEG Devices.


Choose SMARTING mobi to bring convenience and simplicity to your research experiments and join the league of pioneers in mobile EEG.

  • High signal
  • Submillisecond time precision
  • Easy to use mobile app

Small light-weight EEG device for high quality recordings with accompanying mobile app for real-time brain activity monitoring, out of the lab, in real life. Whether paired with a PC or smartphone, SMARTING mobi provides superior data quality and high time-precision.


  • SMARTING mobi is small, simple and mobile EEG device, with no need for any additional equipment, which makes it a powerful research tool that records EEG on the go: Psychology studies, Sport studies, Drowsiness/fatigue studies, Serious gaming/VR studies


  • SMARTING mobi supports synchronization with other sensors and simultaneous multi-amplifier streaming via labstreaming layer, so it can be used for cognitive group studies: In musical groups, Among quiz players, For sport psychology, Interaction in multiplayer games.


  • SMARTING mobi is wearable device that features motion sensors, which means that you can detect body and head movements. It makes our device perfectly suitable for: Pairing behavioural & cognitive metrics, Health and safety at work research, Complementing neurological image, Brain recordings in sport studies


  • Lighter than 60g
  • Dimensions: 81x52x12mm
  • High quality signal: 250-500Hz sampling
  • Customizable and Comfortable 24ch Recording cap
  • Up to 5 hours recordings
  • Wireless recording: Bluetooth 10m range
  • 3D built-in gyroscope for recording head motion