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MedithinQ – Smart Glasses for Surgery

The MedithinQ smart glasses provide the best surgical viewing experience in 3D. It brings the surgical site view right to the front of your eyes, without having to shift your gaze back and forth in a monitor-based operating room environment. It is also interfaces with multiple medical imaging equipment via plug-and-play, such as C-arm X-ray machines and Da Vinci robots.

Wireless real-time video display smart glasses

MediThinQ’s revolutionary product is a Medical Imaging Headset offering unrivalled surgical viewing experience to surgeons while providing a comfortable, lightweight and ergonomically sound experience during the most complicated surgical procedures. With MedithinQ in operation room, there is no need for surgeons to turn their heads to view a TV screen which creates ergonomic challenges and surgeon discomfort during long operations.



Wireless 2.4/5 GHz
Full Mobility During operations
Full HD 2D / 3D Video Quality
Ergonomic Design
Multi User Connectivity
Interfaces With Multiple Medical Imaging Equipment

  • MedithinQ Smart Glasses demo
  • Robotic Surgery demo
  • Rectal Surgery demo