Realtime fNIRS brain imaging on the go

The NIRSIT Brain Imaging System is a portable, light-weight, easily configurable, multi-channel functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging system for the prefrontal cortex. It provides real-time, wireless brain-mapping on the go which allows you to measure variations in cerebral hemodynamics in situations such as problem-solving, changes to emotional state, physical exertion, learning, and even injury.

High-resolution portable fNIRS devices.


NIRSIT utilises functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to measure the hemodynamic response of a human brain, namely the prefrontal cortex:

  • in real-time
  • non-invasively
  • wirelessly
  • high spatial resolution with over 200 channels
  • 4 mm x 4 mm DOT image reconstruction to match MRI resolution
  • high temporal resolution of 8 Hz

Special Features

NIRSIT offers mobile application software, PC software, and analysis tool for:

  • Monitoring Mode – transient graph and 3D brain mapping
  • Task Mode – N-Back, Arithmetic, Stroop, etc
  • Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT)
  • Photogrammetry -localisation of channels in MNI space
  • Motion Artifact Removal – enabled by embedded motion sensor



The NIRSIT Lite is a lightweight, easily configurable, multi-channel fNIRS neuroimaging system for the prefrontal cortex with Bluetooth low-energy connectivity. Boasting a lightweight of only 200g, it is designed to fit the head sizes of most adults.

Key Features

  • 15 channels with short-channel separation
  • ultra-lightweight (200g)
  • BLE wireless connection

NIRSIT Lite for Kids

For our younger ones, we also have the NIRSIT Lite for Kids, ergonomically designed to fit the head sizes of children from preschool to high school. Boasting a lightweight of only 193 grams, it also features Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and its portability supports measurements anytime, anywhere, via its dedicated monitoring and analysis software.
The software also comes with various embedded cognitive and behavioral tasks. The NIRSIT Lite for Kids can be utilised for research on pediatric disorders to brain development such as ADHD, autism, PTSD and learning disorders, the training of concentration activities for better academic performance, as well as treatment of brain disorders through neurofeedback.

Key Features

  • 15 channels with short channel separation (8 mm)
  • high temporal resolution of 8 Hz
  • ultra-lightweight (193 g)
  • designed to fit head sizes of children
  • NIRSIT Standard
  • NIRSIT Lite
  • Arithmetic Task Demo
  • Emotional Task Demo
  • Squatting Task Demo
  • Driving Simulation
  • Hyperscanning (Gaming)