The Persyst 14 is the most advanced EEG review and analysis software that supplies the complete toolset for C.A.R.E (Computer Assisted Review of EEG) that supplied accurate, efficient and rapid review of EEG data. Applicable for either high-volume institutions or for community clinics, the persyst provides the highest level of comprehensive patient care integrated with EEG monitoring and analysis. With the Persyst 14, it provides the most advanced seizure detector available and spike detection analysis beyond skilled reviewers. In addition, an easily customisable, comprehensive report of EEG trends, an artifact reduction (AR) software to reduce EMG, electrode artifact and eye movement. Lastly, with the increasing demands of clinical staff, the Persyst can assist professionals with a comprehensive patient remote monitoring software for real time alerting and trending for changes in EEG.

EEG Review and Analysis Software.

Persyst 14 EEG Review and Analysis Software provides the complete set of tools needed for C.A.R.E (Computer Assisted Review of EEG), resulting in accurate, efficient and rapid review of EEG data. Whether for high volume institutions or for community clinics, Persyst enables the highest level of comprehensive patient care when it comes to EEG monitoring and analysis. Persyst is integrated with the EEG System you already use.



Continuous Monitoring

Designed to run as an integrated part of your EEG acquisition system. Ideal for EMU Long Term Monitoring and ICU Continuous Monitoring

Persyst Continuous Monitoring provides the most comprehensive, clinically validated, collection of features for continuous EEG monitoring on the market. Neurophysiologists, neurointensivists and technologists can quickly detect non-convulsive seizures and other clinically important changes in the EEG as they are occurring. Persyst Continuous Monitoring is integrated within the Manufacturer’s EEG system and display, providing time-synchronized and continuous trending of EEG and physiological data, along with online spike and seizure detection. Records are processed and updated as they are being acquired, including ongoing Artifact Reduction enabling easier interpretation of Trends and Detections.  Channels are automatically monitored for electrode artifact, which is removed from display and processing. Electrodes showing persistent electrical artifact, are indicated to alert staff to the need for correction, resulting in cleaner recordings.



  • View Artifact Reduced and raw EEG together during acquisition
  • Calculate EEG, Statistical, and Physiological Trends
  • Detect Spikes
  • Seizure Detection
  • Electrode Quality Monitoring
  • Spike Review (counting, clustering, & morphology)
  • Voltage and Frequency Mapping


Clinical Review 

Comprehensive Monitoring and Review

Persyst Clinical Review provides comprehensive universal EEG review capabilities. Clinical Review can open virtually all commercial EEG formats. Regardless of the acquisition system where the recording was made, Clinical Review provides a standard, easy to use interface for reviewing EEG wave forms, Trends, Seizure Detections, and Spike Detections that have been previously processed by Persyst Continuous Monitoring. Clinical Review is integrated with the review software provided by EEG manufacturers, and synchronizes with the EEG display for deployment to monitoring stations.



  • Advanced frequency and voltage analysis
  • The ability to archive EEG and supported video formats
  • The ability to export EEG analysis data for use in other applications
  • A comprehensive array of detection, review and analysis tools


Advanced Review

Persyst Advanced Review provides offline calculation and comprehensive EEG review capabilities.

Advanced Review provides all of the capabilities of Clinical Review and adds the ability to perform trending and detection on records that have not been previously processed. This can be important for records received from other institutions, or for records acquired on older equipment where Persyst was not integrated on the acquisition system.


  • Off-line Processing with Citrix, Web, and Mobile Enabled Review
  • Allows doctors and other staff to monitor patients and process recordings from remote locations.
  • All of the Persyst Clinical Review features
  • Calculate Trends, Spike Detections, and Seizure Detections on previously collected EEG
  • An offline version of Persyst Continuous Monitoring


Routine and Ambulatory Review

Includes powerful tools for quick review.

Routine and Ambulatory Review is used to determine the presence of electrographic seizures and interictal spikes in routine and ambulatory EEG recordings. Unequalled seizure detection sensitivity and the lowest false positive rate of any detector create a concise list of seizure candidates. Rapid review of any spike events that have been detected completes the process. Electrode artifacts are automatically detected and removed prior to calculating seizure probability or trends.

The result is a comprehensive analysis of spike and seizure activity in your routine and ambulatory recordings—simply, quickly and accurately.



  • Artifact Reduction
  • Spike Detection and Review
  • Seizure Detection
  • Integrated with major EEG manufacturers


Multi-Patient Monitor

Many simultaneous patient recordings in a centralized display.

Continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring allows unprecedented clinical insights into the brain function of critically ill patients. However, effectively monitoring multiple recordings simultaneously is a challenge. Within centralized EEG monitoring rooms, there are typically scores of screens, typically two per patient, that must be monitored by technologists, their attention constantly rotating back and forth across screens so as not to miss a clinical event.  Setting up, maintaining, and running one such centralized EEG monitoring room at a single facility is difficult. Complicating monitoring further, there are usually no similar capabilities at satellite sites.

Persyst Multi-Patient Monitor (MPM) is an important component to the Persyst Monitoring solutions, that solve these challenges.


  • Ideal for monitoring rooms
  • View relevant trend panels for each patient
  • Quickly switch to EEG or different trends remotely
  • Monitor EEG systems from different manufacturers


Persyst Mobile

Monitoring made easy

Persyst Mobile provides access to patient Trends, EEG and Video on mobile devices and web browsers. Now you can monitor your patients from wherever you are quickly and easily. And like all Persyst products it is integrated with all the major EEG formats and systems.