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Ripple Neuromed Human NeuroPhysiology

Concurrent EEG with Neuro Stimulation

Research can take you anywhere.  Our Ripple range ensures you are always prepared with a full-featured multimodal EEG, ERP, and EMG solution that is just as capable inside the lab as it is on the road. Coupled with our unique active Front End mounted on the Explorer electrode caps the Quest HD offers the noise immunity of active electrodes while maintaining the robustness and cost effectiveness of passive electrodes. The Quest HD allows for true high-density recordings up to 512 channels, with 24-bit resolution and sampling rate of 7.5 kHz, and is optimized for real-time streaming.

Concurrent EEG with Neuro Stimulation

The Explorer Summit


Ripple Neuromed’s Summit processor provides up to 512 channels of simultaneous recording and stimulation that can fit in the palm of your hand.

A truly modular system, the Summit can record multi-modal electrophysiological signals of uncompromising quality with specialized Front Ends. On-board processing and advanced APIs provide the flexibility for any application. Easily set up in minutes, the Summit can quickly transition between the laboratory and the operating room.

With game-changing versatility, the Summit processor can be used in the lab and the operating room as a stand-alone system or to complement existing clinical systems in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Compatible with both high impedance microelectrodes and standard clinical electrodes, you can record a full range of physiological data with one processor.

With wireless data transmission, integrated battery, and internal data storage, the Summit processor is a portable platform for advanced neurophysiology, neuromodulation, neuroprosthesis development, and brain-machine interface experiments.


  • Up to 512 channels of simultaneous stimulation and recording
  • Specialized Front Ends to optimize electrophysiological recordings
  • Onboard processing for dynamic experiments and closed-loop stimulation
  • Advanced API for custom applications
  • Small and portable for mobile applications
  • Meets safety standards for laboratory and clinical research


The Explorer Quest HD


Stream data wirelessly or save it to the Quest HD’s internal storage for an untethered system that is just as capable inside the lab as it is on the road.

With true high-density capabilities, the Quest HD can record up to 256 EEG channels with an additional 64 EMG channels. Optimized for the highest quality data acquisition, the Quest HD features 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 7.5 kbps.

Achieve maximum flexibility in your recordings with the full line of Explorer products, including dedicated EEG and Physio Front Ends as well as Analog and Digital I/O modules, which interface with stimulus presentation systems and external devices.


  • Portable and wireless EEG/ERP
  • Active Front Ends achieve the signal quality of active electrodes with the durability and robustness of passive electrodes
  • Broad compatibility with most electrode technologies
  • Meets safety standards for laboratory and clinical research

The Explorer Quest HD + Stim


Expanding upon the full-featured recording capabilities of the Quest HD, the Quest HD+Stim provides extensive tES capabilities, including tDCS, tACS, tPCS, and tRNS.

Our extensive software APIs give you the freedom to experiment with customized and novel waveforms. Modulate experimental stimuli based on your subject’s behavioral/electrophysiological responses with the powerful on-board processing of the Quest HD+Stim.

With all of the mobility and recording features of the Quest HD, the Quest HD+Stim neuromodulators can perform HD tES & record HD EEG in up to 256-channel configurations.


  • All of the mobility and features of the Quest HD
  • Simultaneous transcranial stimulation and EEG/ERP
  • Adjustable compliance voltage and current limitation to ensure safety
  • Closed-loop control of stimulation parameters
  • Meets safety standards for laboratory and clinical research
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