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Interleaved TMS/fMRI

Study human brain functionality in real-time

Stimulation of the brain with magnetic pulses while depicting what happens in the brain at the same time with  functional magnetic resonance imaging (functional MRI) That is the essense of interleaved TMS/fMRI. 

With this complete turnkey TMS/fMRI research solution, it is possible to induce neural activity safely into targeted cortical regions, directly in the MRI scanner. Features of the MagVenture TMS/fMRI solution further include: The integration of TMS with functional MRI provides researchers with a unique tool to study human brain functional connectivity in real-time and assess how it can be altered by certain interventions, behaviour, or pathologies.

Features of the MagVenture TMS/fMRI solution include:

  • Special TMS coils for use inside the MRI scanner
  • Reduced RF noise filters and controllers
  • Built-in dynamic leakage current reduction for minimizing artefacts
  • Stimulator-controlled recharge delay and parameters
  • High quality imaging
  • Ability to add inside/inbore neuronavigation
  • Full control via synchronization of TMS, scanner and peripheral equipment, incl. neuronavigation and functional data formats (Analyze, DICOM, MNI, IfTI)
  • EEG electrode localization and position export in flexible data format
  • Export of stimulation parameters (e.g. EMG, amplitude, mapping results) along  with the acquired stimulation location as functional image data
  • Open documentation format: All data stored is written in XML format for easy post processing
  • The MRI compatible solution can easily be extended to a 2-in-1 solution for navigation outside the MRI environment

Stimulate multiple sites

Small research coils allows for stimulation at multiple sites at the same time

The small geometry of the B35 coil enables you to place multiple coils simultaneously on the head providing a focal, yet powerful stimulation. The B35 coil comes in different versions to suit your specific needs:

• MC-B35
• Cool-B35
• Cool B35-HO (with handle turning upwards for easy coil placement)
• Cool-B35 RO (Robotic edition to be used with the Axilum robot)

 Another option

Another option is the D-shaped Cool-D50 coil with the stimulation center being placed at the edge of the coil. This allows for alternating stimulation of two centers in the brain only 2-3 cm apart.

Smaller circular coils like the MMC-90 coil or MCF-75 coil are also available for less selective stimulation, but still allow for multiple coils to be placed close to one another.

Robotic TMS solutions

Movement controlled, highly accurate TMS without compromising on safety and comfort

Head motion compensation monitors the coil’s position, orientation and contact to the head at all times and actively follows any possible head movement during TMS. It ensures a high level of repeatability between TMS sessions, is integrable with MagVenture stimulators and coils and may be piloted by a neuronavigation system from Localite.

Highlighted features

  • Maintain position, orientation and tilt of the TMS coil during the session
  • Compensate for potential head motion during the TMS session
  • Maintain contact between coil and head (integrated contact sensor)
  • Plan fully automated image-guided TMS sessions when piloted by a compatible neuronavigation system
  • Plan and execute predefined stimulation paths when piloted by a compatible neuronavigation system
  • Ensure identical setups in multi-center studies
  • Reduce inter-operator variability
  • Double-blind study support
  • Reduce interactions between operator and patient during the session (no need for coil adjustment)

Robotic solutions

There are two different robotic solutions available depending on your need: TMS-Robot and TMS-Cobot.

Clinical TMS research

The most comprehensive solution for double-blinded TMS studies

MagVenture offers a highly flexible solution which addresses all your requirements for accuracy, reliability and consistency in clinical research and thus, ultimately, help facilitate new treatment options. This even includes the possibility to perform true randomized, double-blinded, multi-center studies.A robotic solution and/or neuronavigation may easily be added to further enhance the reproducibility of your research.

  • Coils with both active and sham sides (or with only a placebo side)
  • Software for complete study control by study master or principal investigator
  • Patient and operator codes to ensure true double-blinding
  • Sham noise generation
  • Electric masking

Active/Placebo coils

MagVenture offers a number of coils with both an active and a placebo side for true double-blinded TMS studies: Cool D-B80 A/PMMC-140 A/PCool-B65 A/P and Cool-B70 A/P.
MagVenture also offers a number of placebo coils for single-blinded research: MC-P-B70MCF-P-B70 and MCF-P-B65

Neuronavigation with Localite

Stimulate selected brain regions with high precision and reliability every time

Plan stimulation areas, visualise the stimulation spot, and monitor and record the precise position of the research subject and coil with complete replicabibility. The turnkey solution provides full integration with MagVenture stimulators, allowing for automatic and easy exchange of all the needed information such as intensity, coil and stimulator type, MEPs, and temperature.

Our partner Localite offers a range of different neuronavigation systems (ClassicMRI Edition and Robotic Edition). They are all precise, intuitive and scalable.

 Highlighted features:

  • Easily scalable: From MR-less system to MR-based system extendable by attractive soft and hardware
  • Tracking of up to 4 coils at the same time
  • More than 30 MagVenture coils ready to use in the software
  • Import of multiple morphological and functional data formats (DICOM, MNI, NIfTI)
  • EEG electrode localization and position export in flexible data format
  • Export of stimulation parameters (e.g. EMG, amplitude, mapping results) along with the acquired stimulation location as functional image dataOpen documentation format: All data stored is written in XML format for easy post processing
  • The MRI compatible solution can easily be extended to a 2-in-1 solution for navigation outside the MRI environment

TMS Translational research

Complete TMS solution for animal model research

MagVenture offers a specifically dedicated coil for animal model research. It provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of TMS within a wide range of fields including behavioural, metabolic, (epi) genetics, molecular, and biochemical pathways. This research solution overcomes previously known challenges pertaining to focality, overheating, shape, and size. It provides complete replicability and reliability and, due to the small coil size, it will even fit inside a PET or SPECT imaging scanner with a minimum ø120mm bore which for some research purposes is important.

Overcoming the barriers in TMS for rodents

The number of stimuli available in small coils like the Cool-40 Rat Coil is a huge barrier for performing real TMS due to the heating of the TMS coil. The Cool-40 Rat coil overcomes this barrier as it operates with the special High-Performance Cooling System. This will allow for a high number of stimuli before overheating.

The small dimensions of the rat brain compared to the human brain makes it very challenging to provide efficient TMS stimulation using human coils, as they typically lack focus of the magnetic fields and largely out-limit the dimensions of the rat’s head. Further, the smaller coils that are currently available do not induce electrical fields in the brain that are comparable to the electrical fields elicited with human coils in the patient’s brain. All of these issues have been solved with the Cool-40 Rat coil due to the special design of the windings, the High-Performance Cooling System, and the bended shape.

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