BESA Research 7.1 March 2021 released

BESA Research 7.1 March 2021 is a maintenance release. All customers with a valid license for BESA Research version 7.1 are eligible for a free update to this version.

This release features a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Please make sure to update to this version as soon as possible on

Data review and pre-processing:

  • Batch commands – Many new or enhanced batch commands are available, including improvements for automated pattern search, visualizing results, drawing maps, saving screen shots, scaling of data, etc.
  • Data export improvements
  • New source montages including the new 25 source standard (cf. Scherg et al., Front. Neurol., 20 August 2019,, and atlas-based source montages (see picture above for an example of atlas region sources).

Source Analysis:

  • The time-domain beamformer can now be used to compare two conditions. The target and control conditions can be selected in the dialog of the ERP module that initiates the beamformer calculation.
  • A single dipole fit can now be started directly using the Start Fit button, without having to place a dipole source first.
  • The Bayesian source imaging method SESAME is now available for all head models. Before, it was restricted to spherical models.
  • Beamformer and DICS can now be used with MEG finite element and boundary element models.
  • It is now possible to add noise sources to a solution, in order to generate source montages. They can be selected from several pre-defined source configurations, and only sources with a certain distance from existing sources will be added in order to describe brain activity that is unrelated to the activity of interest. The functionality is available from the Solution menu.

The full list of improvements and bug fixes can be seen on in the section on New Features and Bug Fixes.

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