Dixi – [Cloned #4426]

Dixi – [Cloned #4426]

Manufacturer of intracerebral electrodes for the localization of epileptic foci for over 40 years. We specialize in the precision industry, microtechnology, and neurology.

Intracerebral Electrodes for localization of epileptic foci


Ergospect ergometers allow the medical practitioner to obtain information faster and with greater accuracy in order to pinpoint medical problems such as occlusive diseases, stenotic lesions or occlusions, metabolic and muscle wasting disorders, questions related to muscle and energy metabolism and musculoskeletal system indications. The medical fields of applications are: angiography, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, sports medicine, vascular surgery or pharmaceutical compatibility examinations. The available settings are suitable for all conventional MR-scanners and field strength. We are also able to deliver customised solutions to satisfy special requirements.

  • extension of the diagnostic spectrum
  • pre- & post-operative and training assessment
  • better, faster and more accurate measurements
  • clear diagnoses and differential diagnoses
  • low-cost examinations
  • fast and easy handling in a daily clinical routine
  • non-invasive examinations, pain-free examinations
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