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Soft Robotics Hand Rehabilitation System

The EsoGLOVE™ Pro is a state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation system that utilizes cutting-edge soft robotic technology to help patients with neurological disorders, including stroke, recover upper limb motor functions. This system is designed to allow patients to carry out upper-limb rehabilitation with multiple training modes, such as passive training, active-assisted range of motion training, and bilateral training.

Therapists’ Benefits Patients’ Benefits
● Light & Portable ● Functional Task Trainings
● Passive & Active Exercises ● Lightweight
● High Repetition ● High Intensity
● Fast Setup ● Comfortable
● Increased Productivity ● Easy-to-follow Instructions


EsoGLOVE™ Myo provides training to facilitate muscle re-education via the acquisition of myoelectric signals.


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