CGX Quick Systems

CGX enjoys the reputation for designing the most accurate data-rich dry EEG systems for researchers and practitioners.

Wireless EEG Headset

Quick Series

  • Dry electrode wireless EEG amplifier headset for fast and zero-gel recordings.
  • Available with 20 or 32 channels based on the 10-20 system.
  • Equipped with flexible composite arms for excellent contact between sensors and scalp.
  • On-board impedance checking by means of LEDs.

Mobile Series

  • Available with 72 (10-10 montage) or 128 (10-5 montage) channels.
  • Equipped with active electrodes to ensure high signal quality.
  • Extremely lightweight and fully mobile.
  • Includes a wireless, removable amplifier with a transmission range of 10 m.

Wireless Devices

AIM Physiological Monitor

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