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NIRx offers a host of integrated technology solutions that support a wide range of investigative aims. Our innovations in head gear design provide for fast setup and hours of comfortable wearing. Supporting all of our platform configurations, including tandem system operation and hyperscanning, NIRStar offers unmatched performance.

High-resolution portable and desktop fNIRS systems.


The NIRScout is a user-friendly, modular, and robust functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) platform which measures hemodynamic responses to neuroactivation via oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin changes in the cerebral cortex. The NIRScout platform includes a host of ready-to-implement upgrades and modules to meet the needs of a broad range of cognitive neuroscience applications.

  • Setup fNIRS Fast: NIRx uses the NIRScap system for an incredibly fast setup
  • Multi-Modal Integration: NIRScout is ideal for multi-modal measurements with EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking, cochlear implants, TMS, tDCS, EMG, pulse oximetry, and other modalities for concurrent measurements.
  • Application-Specific Probes & Headgear: Specialised probes and headgear available for comfortable measurements on any subject, for any application.

NIRSport 2

Measure fNIRS in high-density set-ups, from anywhere on the head, concurrently with (nearly) any other modality. Monitor your subjects via Wi-Fi while direct-to-device system recording ensures data is always stored, or choose higher-bandwidth USB connectivity for applications in BCI and neurofeedback research paradigms that require ultra-high performance processing.

The NIRSport 2 comes with a host of ready-to-implement upgrades and modules to meet the needs of a broad range of cognitive neuroscience applications.

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