Mectronic is able to provide innovations that go beyond solving a problem and change the way therapy is done.

High-Performance Therapies

Unique and unrivalled functionality in the world’s most advanced device that combines 5 therapies and their combinations.

Ixyon XP
Speed, effectiveness and safety converted into better results and in greater patient satisfaction.

iLux XP
Unique functionalities and a wide range of accessories, operating the therapy is even safer and more effective. Highly configurable and customisable, it is the right device to treat numerous pathologies by tailoring the therapy to the patient’s characteristics.

iLux Plus
Simple, but feature-rich, is the ideal device to provide customised and successful treatment to your patients.

iLux Plus
It is an advanced laser therapy device, the result of more than 40 years of experience in the design of medical laser systems. Although it is light, compact and easy to use, it delivers excellent performance, making it the perfect ally for any therapist who needs to have an intuitive and reliable device at his or her side in everyday work.

Opton 8000
The evolution of the scanning laser

Doctor Tecar Plus
The World’s Most Advanced Tecar Therapy Device

Doctor Tecar Smart
Tecar therapy made simple and functional without compromising on performance


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