U&O is an easily wearable device that enables gait training through personalized and function-specific movements. The support of unique technologies belonging to the reference sector provides an innovative and unique rehabilitation pathway.

UAN.GO - innovative exoskeleton


UAN.GO is an innovative exoskeleton designed by U&O, our devices improve the rehabilitation process of the mobility functions enabling doctors and physiotherapists to address therapy according to patients needs.

UAN.GO exoskeleton has been designed to achieve greater freedom of movement in patients with diseases, ensuring the efficacy of therapy together with an easy use and application.

This device has a touchscreen interface for an easy setup and an intuitive control. All the parameters of the device such as walking sequence, speed, intensity, step distance, stance/swing cycle ratio, control of muscle hypertonicity and security system can be easily set through the monitor.


  • Passive: The movements of the patients is fully assisted by UAN.GO.
  • Active: UAN.GO partially assists the movement of the patients, for enhanced residual motion ability.


  •  Assisted Use: The device is supported by an operator who selects the most appropriate type of movement compatible with the rehabilitation path.
  • Autonomous Use: UAN.GO is guided by the user who can activate independently the start of the gait and other operating modes (such as up&down, stop and walk) through specific movements of the body which allow him to command and guide the exoskeleton independently.


  • Up and down
  • Walk
  • Stairs
  • Step
  • Warm up


  • Clinical or personal use
  • Personalized training based on the patients needs
  • Customization of anatomical interfaces device / user
  • Ergonomic, minimal and modular design
  • Adjustable to a wide ranges of body sizes
  • Easy and Fast to wear
  • Personalized training based on the patients needs


  • Patients:
    • Robotic intensive care
    • Enhancing recovery
    • Motivational drive
  • Hospitals:
    • High patient turnover
    • Marketing effect due to high tech equipment
    • Possibility to increase patient targets
  • Medical staff:
    • Quantify therapy data
    • Work with less physical effect

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UAN.GO innovative exoskeleton

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