Advancing rehabilitation beyond methods currently used in every day clinical practice is our drive. We believe gamified therapy combined with state-of-the-art sensing technology brings better therapy outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.

Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation

Bimeo – Arm Rehabilitation


It combines 5 different products into one arm rehabilitation system. Support surface closed-chain therapy in bilateral or unilateral is usually the starting point for many patients. When patients improve their arm function they can continue with bilateral or unilateral therapy in free space.

Table HA – Therapy Table


Equio – Balance Rehabilitation


  • Short and Simple Setup Time
  • Objective Patient Assessment
  • Wide Variety of Therapy Options
  • Effective Therapy Sessions
  • Patient Motivation and Engagement
  • Evidence Based Rehabilitation


H Rails – Safety Rails

Ergonomic hand rails for a safer therapy environment

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