NordicNeurolab Systems “fMRI Made Easy”- A complete and user-friendly system for simplifying and standardizing the implementation of functional MRI in both clinical fMRI users and advanced scientific applications.

It provides a turnkey solution for clinical fMRI. It is a complete and user-friendly system for simplifying and standardizing implementation of functional MRI in clinical environments.


High definition display and superior picture quality, the InroomViewingDevice is the optimal choice for an easy-to-use alternative to conventional projectors or goggle-based image delivery systems.


A multi purpose Synchronisation and Stimulation device with sequence setup and sequence programming capabilities.

Response Grips

To provide you with real-time feedback of subject responses we created the MRI compatible ResponseGrips. It is ergonomically designed for use in either hand and for minimizing patient movement inside the scanner.


A stimulus presentation and workflow software for stimulus generation and image acquisition at the same time. It offers ready-to-use standard clinical paradigms, allowing physicians to test perceptual, motor and cognitive functions in clinical settings.

VisualSystem HD

VisualSystem HD is a sophisticated and flexible solution for presenting visual stimuli inside the MR scanner. By displaying sharp images and brilliant colors, high quality graphics or text is presented to the patient.

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