Integrated with an innovative approach to providing reliable and superior quality technological solutions, Noraxon USA supplied hardware solutions including the Ultium EMG, The 3D Motion Capture, and 2D video Capture practical and flexible for all of your measurement applications. The Ultium EMG is a wireless EMG sensor system with an internal IMU and SmartLeads to record any type of kinesiological data supported with Lossless technology for complete data recovery. With the Ultium Motion system, simulate anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and linear acceleration real-time data that are measured with inertial measurement units (IMU’s) applicable in natural and lab-based environments. Lastly, Noraxon’s Ninox is a highly portably reference video system that provides a synchronized video for 2D marker tracking, and for clinical application in demanding environments.

EMG and IMU Based Motion Tracking systems

Noraxon’s EMG Sensor, 3D Motion & Video Capture Solutions

With over 30 years as an industry leader of human metric and biomechanics solutions, Noraxon USA has consistently incorporated integral tools to the market for capturing biomechanics. It is the incorporation of superior based evidence with an innovative approach, Noraxon has consistently developed hardware and software solutions that are practical to empower our partners and personnel to achieve their goals. All of these reliable instruments can be applied to the field, the lab, or a clinic to accurately deliver measurement or analysis applications of human movement.

SMART Movement & Sublime Analysis With Ultium EMG System

The Ultium EMG sensor system is a multi-modal device that delivers high-fidelity data and flexible measurement options. Ultium EMG sensors sample up to 4,000 times per second, synchronize in real-time, and demonstrate low baseline noise (<1 μV RMS) with minimal native artifacts. The implementation of IMU enables you to record both EMG and movement data.

The system features a variety of SmartLeads, which transform the EMG device into a versatile sensor for virtually any type of kinesiological data and supports complete data recovery with Lossless technology. Each Ultium sensor includes lifetime battery replacement.

With the Ultium EMG wireless sensor system, its high signal quality, multi-device integration compatibility, lifetime battery replacement, and a wide range of sensor types for universal application, this system is the most versatile biomechanics toolset ever designed.

Learn more about Noraxon’s Ultium Surface EMG system on their website by clicking here.

Ultium Motion System for 3D Motion Capture Series 

The Ulltium Motion System uses an array of inertial measurement units (IMUs) to measure anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and linear acceleration in natural and lab-based environments. Data and subject motion are displayed in real-time with graphs and a skeletal avatar. Generate customized reports or access quaternions and raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscopes, & magnetometers). Synchronize with EMG, pressure, force, video, and third-party devices within the myoRESEARCH software platform.

Learn more about Noraxon’s 3D Ultium Motion Capture series on their website by clicking here.

The Ninox Reference Video Systems

The NiNOX cameras provide synchronized video for reference and 2D marker tracking. Its small size and aluminum housing make the camera highly portable and functional in many demanding environments. The NiNOX cameras stream real-time color video to the host computer through a USB3 connection. With both the NiNOX 125 and NiNOX 300C incorporated with myoVideo, this powerful tool provides capture of kinematic data with high quality tracking video. The MR3 platform further refines it’s capabilities with seamless integration of NiNOX reference video with EMG, IMU and Biomonitor data. Applied across various fields, customisable reports are supplied to users to illustrate key results of data collection immaculately.

Learn more about Noraxon’s Ninox Reference video system series on their website by clicking here.

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