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Brain Products is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for neurophysiological research. We offer versatile EEG equipment to provide end-to-end solutions for laboratory and mobile applications. For us, a solution is only a solution if it covers all of your research needs. Thus, you’ll find comprehensive solutions that cover the fields of EEG/ERP, BCI, mobile EEG, EEG & Brain Stimulation, EEG & fMRI, EEG & fNIRS, EEG & Eye Tracking, sleep research and more. We welcome you to explore all our offerings: EEG amplifiers, caps, sensors, accessories, software solutions and much more.

Solutions for Neurophysiology Research

Solutions for Neurophysiology Research

Take your research out of the lab and into the real world

  • Mobile brain/body imaging solutions
  • Wireless portable amplifier
  • Mobile EEG recording between 8 and 64 channels
  • Flexible electrode options and wireless triggering
  • Wide software integration
  • Compact wireless EEG amplifier
  • Electrode options for every recording scenario
  • Highly integrated
  • End-to-end software solutions


  • Combine EEG with TMS or tES
  • Close coil positioning with ultra-slim active electrodes
  • Fast artifact recovery through advanced amplifier technology
  • Closed-loop EEG-TMS coupling
  • Wide software integration

Latest generation active electrode technology

  • Robust and durable electrodes compatible with all brain stimulation techniques
  • Slim profile and re-routable cables for flexible close coil positioning
  • High signal-to-noise ratio for each channel
  • Attenuated noise and movement artifacts

State of the art EEG recordings 

  • Up to 100 kHz sampling rate
  • Return to baseline in < 0.8 ms after artifact
  • Real-time data access in < 1 ms
  • Modular for high-density recordings

End-to-end software solutions

  • Record data with BrainVision Recorder
  • Online data analysis using lab streaming layer (LSL)
  • Perform advanced analyses with BrainVision Analyzer 2

Flexibility and integration End-to-end software solutions 

  • Combine with LSL for ultra-fast closed-loop experiments
  • Accurate and fast electrode localization with CapTrak
  • Extend our EEG solutions with fMRI, fNIRS, eye-tracking and extra physiological recordings
  • Integrated with all major manufacturers of brain stimulation hardware


Wireless recording of event markers in EEG data. The Wireless Trigger is the ideal complement to our mobile EEG solution with the portable LiveAmp amplifier. It provides the fastest and most consistent wireless trigger timing. With a 3 ms transmission delay and only one sample jitter, it has the most accurate timing that is needed for gold standard EEG data analysis.

  • Wirelessly transmit event markers to your EEG amplifier
  • Fast and consistent trigger transmission
  • Encode your stimulus events with 8-bit triggers
  • No software configuration necessary
  • Ideal companion for your mobile EEG recordings using LiveAmp


  • High data quality
  • Modular hardware portfolio
  • Compatibility with all major BCI frameworks
  • Free technical support

Flexible amplifier options

  • Real-time data access in <1 ms
  • Portable (8 to 64 channels)
  • Stationary (up to 160 channels)
  • Synchronize with external hardware using TTL pulses
  • Add extraphysiological sensors (ECG, EMG) for hybrid BCI
  • Compatible with fNIRS & fMRI

Electrode options for every recording scenario

  • Passive
  • Active
  • Active dry
  • Sponge

Software Solutions

  • Compatibility with all major open source BCI software solutions:


  • Great match for time-restricted recordings: If your research requires ultra-fast application, minimal invasiveness and maximum comfort, the R-Net is the perfect match. The only sponge-based electrode system available that follows the international 10-10 positioning system.
  • New addition to our existing electrode types: It expands our wide range of already available electrode cap types, i.e. passive gel, passive solid gel, active gel and active dry.
  • Fast preparation time: It can be prepared with our potassium chloride electrolyte solution, allowing for the fastest preparation time out of all electrode systems.
  • Compatible with our mobile and stationary amplifiers: It is compatible with our mobile LiveAmp systems, as well as our stationary gold standard BrainAmp amplifier series and our new versatile all-in-one lab amplifier, the actiCHamp Plus.
  • Quick and easy replacement of damaged electrodes: Available repair kits allow you to fix a broken electrode yourself without the need to replace the whole R-Net.

MoBI Solutions

Wireless Trigger

BCI Solutions

R Net

Brain Stimulation Solutions


Sleep Research

EEG and Eye tracking

EEG and fNIRS integration for every research

aCticap slim with Snap holders

aCticap Xpress Twist

Fast Electrode Localization

Brain Products Solutions for BCI Research 
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