Beyond Practice & Patient Expectations with NordicNeuroLab

Imagine a 4 year old doing a MRI exam without the need for anesthesia, impossible right? Watch this interview featuring radiographer and MR technician Bac Nguyen’s experiences at Rikshospitalet (Oslo, Norway) applying the nordicComfortSolution to encourage streamlined workflow practices while providing MR patient entertainment.

“Integrated, efficient and easy” are the key terms that Mr. Nguyen had described when conducting an MRI exam on a four year old patient that prevented the need for anesthesia. With nordicComfortSolution, MR technicians can support patients with claustrophobia, anxiety, or similar symptoms while cutting out the costly risks of sedation and prevent delayed scans. Moreover, streamline workflow for technicians and nurses while encouraging parents to feel comfortable due to the clarity of the MR examination process.

Click here to watch this webinar and to gain insight into the benefits of the nordicComfortSolution that has resulted in high rates of successful MRI examinations with young patients.

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