Bitbrain Product

High-tech EEG brain sensing devices and software solutions for real-world human behaviour research, health and neurotechnology development.



Wearable and mobile dry-EEG headset with 12 channels over pre-frontal, frontal, parietal and occipital brain areas, optimised for the estimation of emotional and cognitive states.


Wearable and mobile dry-EEG device with 8 dry electrodes over pre-frontal and occipital brain areas, optimised for the estimation of basic cognitive and emotional states.


Wearable dry-EEG headset optimised to monitor cognitive and sensorimotor states in real-world applications with outstanding ease, comfort and reliability.

Semi-Dry EEG

Versatile EEG

Portable and wireless semi-dry EEG cap with 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels for real-world research, providing great comfort to the researcher and freedom of movement to the user.


Versatile Bio

Mobile and practical real-time biosignal acquisition amplifier, which provides great


Wearable and wireless device for real-time monitoring of electrodermal activity (GSR) and cardiac activity (BVP) for real-world applications and real-life research scenarios.

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