Cortivision Software Update and Photon Cap C20 – Light Version

Introducing Cortivision’s New Functions

We are excited to announce new CortiView version 1.9.3 which among many new features includes Signal Quality monitoring. The Signal Quality Index is based on Scalp Coupling Index algorithm. Each channel has it’s own quality classification (low, medium or high) based on the thresholds defined in CortiView Settings. This allows you to check the quality of the signal coming from a specific channel at any time, which is indicated on the main screen by the color of the marker (☑) next to the specific channel:

☑🟥 red means low signal quality (you should check this optode),

☑🟨 yellow means medium signal quality,

☑🟩 green means high signal quality.

The default values should be sufficient for most cases but it’s easy to adjust.
Make sure you are using our latest version of software to be able to fully benefit from your fNIRS device. You can download the newest version of Cortiview here.

Photon Cap C20 – Light version


Photon Cap’s Light version has an optode bundle with 4 emitters and 2 detectors. However, the system is designed to make it as easy as possible to use the full capabilities of the spectroscope, so the Light’s optode bundle can be connected to a standard Cap C20 amplifier. That means that owners of Photon Cap can easily expand capabilities and target research goals in a more precise and comfortable way by purchasing just the Light version of opotde bundle.

We would also like to confirm that we are officially withdrawing the Photon Band from the market as we belive to have introduced a successor that allows more flexible use and can be easily connected with the rest of our devices.

Main features:

  • 4 emitters & 2 detectors (max. 8 channels)
  •  easy connection with the standard Photon Cap amplifier
  • slim size perfect for complex coregistration montages
  •  weights only 40 grams (on the head)
  •  flexible montage opportunities

Cortivision Spotlight 

Spotlight is our tailor-made fNIRS and VR connection service. Virtual reality offers almost unlimited possibilities for  conducting research experiments in a fully controlled environment. Our system is created mainly for biofeedback practice enabling effective and engaging cognitive training based on near-infrared spectroscopy. However we can safely say that sky is the limit here and this service can be adjusted to the specific research needs.

This is important to point out that Spotlight is not a standard off-the-shelf solution. The implementation process is more complex and based primarily on customer needs. It also depends on customer resources and competencies that can be covered to some extent by our team. In order to guarantee a high quality service we collaborate with experienced VR developers only. We are also an official HTC Partner distributing VIVE products.

Check out the Spotlight video here.

Get in touch with our team at Aerobe to book a demo or find out more about Cortivision here.

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