A Portable & Wireless fNIRS Ecosystem.

Photon Cap

It is a wireless near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for the functional measurement of the hemodynamic response of the brain. Our device enables non-invasive monitoring of the activity of selected areas of the cerebral cortex, thanks to a set of high-quality emitters and detectors.


Cortivision Spotlight

Spotlight is a unique combination of fNIRS with VR goggles for the purpose of training and monitoring of brain activity.



Intuitive and versatile software

Main Features:

  • Probe design and channel configuration
  • Auto-calibration of sources power to achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio
  • Raw fNIRS data collection in .SNIRF and .TXT formats
  • IMU sensor data collection
  • Plots with real time fNIRS and IMU raw data, oxy-Hb, deoxy- Hb, total-Hb
  • Real-time streaming in LabStreamingLayer
  • Recording REST API which allows to manage experiment

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