Lifelines Neuro

Lifelines Neuro is a leader in medical technology that delivers expertise to democratise neuro diagnostics, providing more access to EEG to benefit humankind. Their expertise puts mobile EEG wherever it is needed most — in-home, take-home, in the clinic or throughout hospital networks.

Trackit T4A

Trackit T4A is a high performance ambulatory and clinical EEG recorder for use with Lifelines Neuro’s ambulatory systems. It is a low-power, battery-operated recorder, with 28 monopolar and 4 user configurable channels, delivering the highest quality EEG for up to 72 hours continuously using Trackit and Trackit Plus software. Data can be read anywhere, anytime using their dedicated cloud software.

Trackit R40

The R40 amplifier is designed for the busy EEG clinic, for technologists, and patients. With the R40 amplifier, our aim is for EEG professionals to focus on, and spend time with their patients, preparing them for routine EEG studies quickly and efficiently.

Trackit F

The Trackit F home EEG system provides flexibility for technologists to deploy EEG tests at home or in the physician’s office. Efficiently diagnose patients’ neurological conditions by reducing wait times for studies.


Trackit V

A powerful long-term monitoring system in a patient-friendly backpack. The Trackit V was created to empower individuals in need of ambulatory electroencephalograms.

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