National CME & TMS training workshop

The 5Th National CME and 2nd Hands-on-Training workshop is one of its kind in India delivering hands-on training in administration of rTMS Therapy. This year we welcome practitioners and researchers from across the country and world-wide to enlighten using the field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

This workshop creates a diverse platform for novel and keen individuals as well as
renowned national and international experts to collaborate together to further their knowledge.

Thus, this program not only sets up a platform to acquire skills evaluating TMS from
both clinical and research perspectives, but also sets an opportunity for networking.

The didactic sessions in program tend to cover series of topic relevant to running a
TMS clinical service or rTMS based research project, including:

  • Introducing Neuromodulation: Beginning of Interventional Psychiatry
  • Neurophysiology of rTMS: Recent Updates
  • Clinical Applications of rTMS
  • Personalisation and Optimisation of TMS through Neuronavigation
  • COVID 19 Pandemic and Neuromodulation: What Future Beholds
  • TMS: From Books to Bed

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