Motio products are designed to perform motion capture and analysis in a very simple and fast way with the most advanced technology on the market.

Inertial Motion Analysis

3DMA 3D Optical Motion Capture and Analysis

It is a product for biomechanical analysis based on optical motion capture. It has its own motion capture engine and biomechanics modules.

Analysis protocols
● Gait
● Cycling
● Golf
● Jump
● Running
● Human

2DMA 2D Optical Motion Capture Software

Based on HD, high-speed video analysis, 2DMA products can be the perfect tool for quick assessments at permanent or temporary locations. Its functional yet astonishingly visual interface is the perfect feedback for athletes and coaches.

● Accurate by definition
● Video feed comparison modes
● Up to 100-120 FPS acquisition rates
● Easy reporting in just 3 seconds

iSen Inertial Motion Analysis

It offers an entire toolset for biomechanical analysis, biofeedback and reporting. Motion analysis was never that easy… and that fast! It can also acquire and synchronize data from different devices, and offers a range of utilities for signal processing, event detection, reporting and more.

● Ergonomics
● Forensic
● Gait analysis
● Rehabilitation
● Research

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