Virtual Reality during an fMRI scan – is it possible?

Virtual Reality has become more popular for Neuroscientist

Are you a neuroscientist interested in studying how memories are created and how we use memory to navigate in space?

Or a neurologist who would like to develop non-invasive methods for early detection of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia?

Perhaps you are a neuropsychologist who would like to understand the neurophysiological manifestations of phobias and PTSD and design better treatment strategies? Or maybe a neuromarketing researcher who would like to study how our mind responds to certain stimuli on the neurophysiological and neurofunctional level to apply this knowledge to marketing applications?

The Challenge

The MR environment presents a challenge to do Virtual Reality inside an MR because the commercial VR equipment isn’t MR compatible. At CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health) they are using an LCD screen for visual presentation. Recent advancements now allow participants to have a more virtual experience through the use of MR compatible goggles.

fMRI studies with Virtual Reality have been performed by presenting the VR outside of the MR environment and then doing an MRI scan.

We believe that the VisualSystem HD from NordicNeuroLab is a solution to this issue and gives the researcher the opportunity to do an immersive stimulus presentation during the scan. Not only will this enhance the immersive experience, but we believe that this will improve the quality of your results.

Combining VR, fMRI, and eye tracking

Our team of Application Scientist have created a PDF to give you an introduction to immersive technology for functional neuroimaging.

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