EGZOTech develops advanced EMG-based rehabilitation technologies like Luna EMG and Stella BIO. Our mission is to empower physical therapists and to help their patients to recover. We are based in Poland and especially focused on neurological and orthopaedic physiotherapy. At the same time, our technology is used in ICU, oncology, pediatric departments, geriatric and elderly homes.

Luna EMG: robotic device for upper and lower limb neurological and early stage orthopedic rehabilitation. Improve a patient’s muscle strength, range of motion and coordination, after strokes, SCIs, MS, TBI, orthopaedic injuries surgeries (knee/hip replacements, ankle alignment).

Stella Bio: is the 4+2 Channel world most sensitive electromyography with implemented electrostimulation. It is based on four main technology concepts.
● EMG-Triggered functional electrical stimulation ( EMG-FES,FES)
● Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
● Electromyography measurements and biofeedback (EMG Biofeedback)
● Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Sidra LEG is the world’s only two-motor rehabilitation robotic leg exerciser with synchronised electrostimulation and electromyography-triggered lower limb movement. This enables synchronised movement of ankle and knee at the same time to help patients to re-learn correct gait movement pattern via passive, active and active-assistive training.

Meissa OT is an advanced rehabilitation robot designed for upper limb rehabilitation. It serves both as a training and assessment tool utilizing 4-channel EMG and EMS (electromyography and electrical stimulation) to improve hand and arm motor function.

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