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CGX Quick Systems

Wireless EEG Headset

Quick Series

  • Dry electrode wireless EEG amplifier headset for fast and zero-gel recordings.
  • Available with 20 or 32 channels based on the 10-20 system.
  • Equipped with flexible composite arms for excellent contact between sensors and scalp.
  • On-board impedance checking by means of LEDs.

Mobile Series

  • Available with 72 (10-10 montage) or 128 (10-5 montage) channels.
  • Equipped with active electrodes to ensure high signal quality.
  • Extremely lightweight and fully mobile.
  • Includes a wireless, removable amplifier with a transmission range of 10 m.

Wireless Devices

AIM Physiological Monitor

  • Combine mobile EEG with advanced physiological monitoring
  • EEG recordings with other modalities by adding physiological sensors, including ExG, GSR, heart rate/HRV, SpO2, and temperature to our systems.
  • Included sensors are Temperature,  Respiration, PPG/HRV/SpO2, ExG and GSR.

Dev Kit

  • 8-Channel Dry Electrode EEG Amplifier and electrodes
  • Everything an EEG researcher or developer needs for unencumbered experimentation.

Wireless StimTrigger

  • Wireless time marker system with biometric data support
  • As timing accuracy is guaranteed in hardware, there is no need for software or algorithmic timing compensation, making experiments simple and reliable, just like a traditional wired setup.