Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators.

TMS Stimulators

MagVenture’s stimulators are known and respected among neuroscientists who require TMS equipment of superior quality in order to optimise their brain research. With 7 different stimulators to choose from, MagVenture meets every TMS research need.

MagPro R30

An advanced high-performance TMS magnetic stimulator designed primarily for clinical use as well as research. The MagPro R30 performs repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and runs many complex protocols successively; up to 20,000 pulses in one session.

With the add-on Theta Burst option, it is possible to run theta burst stimulation. An add-on 60 pps option and 80 pps option is also available.


MagPro X100

The MagPro X100 is an advanced, high performance magnetic stimulator designed primarily for research purposes. It offers a large choice of stimulation parameters and stimulation rates up to 100 pps at high intensities and the possibility to combine waveforms and pulse modes


MagPro R30 With MagOption

An advanced high-performance magnetic stimulator designed primarily for clinical use as well as research. Compared to MagPro R30, it provides monophasic waveform and twin and dual pulses up to 5 pps (both mono- and biphasic).


MagPro X100 with MagOption


XP Orange Edition


MagPro R20

The R20 is our simplest solution and suitable for assessing diagnosis and monitoring diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, based on the use of Motor Evoked Potential. CE approved and FDA cleared for treatment for major depressive disorder. Quick and simple protocol set-up.


MagPro Compact

The MagPro Compact is designed for clinical use together with EMG equipment. It is a diagnostic tool to measure motor evoked potential (MEP) in clinical examinations. It is mobile and simple-to-use. The power control is integrated into the coil handle together with the trigger button.



The MagPro R100 is an advanced, high-performance magnetic stimulator ideal for neuronal and muscular stimulation, making it ideal for research within rehabilitation. It is simple and intuitive to use and has an ergonomic design with simplified one-handed operation. Stimulation is controlled from either coil handle and/or foot switch and dedicated function keys for direct operation.



With numerous coils to choose from, our coil selection is second to none and provides almost endless possibilities within brain research. Our TMS coils come in various shapes, sizes and with different attributes such as cooling, power control and triggering on the handle.


  • TMS Certification Course
  • New CE approvals for addiction, OCD, and clinical benefit for comorbid anxiety
  • MagVenture Flow Arm
  • Depression Treatment