Revolutionising the field of neurorehabilitation with the icone®

The icone brings the benefits of intense neurorehabilitation when it is needed, where it is needed. The icone continuously monitors patient’s performance and optimizes its assistance for the specific user. It provides quantitative information to clinicians as well as an immediate feedback to patients. All data are remotely accessible via cloud. The icone brings the benefits of intense neurorehabilitation when it is needed, where it is needed. Even at home.

Smart Rehabilitation System

Neurorehabilitation is about helping the brain to heal itself and regain control of the arm. Several scientific studies over the past two decades demonstrated that intensive neurorehabilitation is effective even years after the stroke. Tailoring interactive exercises for a specific patient has never been simpler, thanks to the integrated high level interface.

Adaptive interaction control, full sensing capabilities and easy setup, allow clinicians to adopt any therapeutic protocol involving elbow flexion-extension, shoulder protraction-retraction, internal-external rotation, flexion-extension and abduction-adduction.


All in one

New technology



The icone is the first all-in-one and plug-and-play medical system supporting rehabilitation professionals in providing intensive treatments for neurological patients, even after hospital discharge. Through interactive and engaging games, designed according to the latest scientific evidences about neuroplasticity stimulation, the icone promotes active motor planning and generates adaptive force fields to provide assistance as needed. Treatments are provided in the form of interactive games, which can be easily tailored on the patient needs using the touch interface. The therapy can be objectively assessed and the data collected in real-time can be remotely accessed. The icone is the perfect partner of rehabilitation professionals, wherever the patient is. icone is the ideal solution for hospitals and clinics, as well as community centers, rehabilitation clinics, physiotherapy centers and gyms.




Technical Details

User definable features

  • Selectable interaction modalities: passive, active, active-assisted
  • Target arm (left, right)
  • Type of assistance (fixed assistance level, adaptive, resistive-assistive, no assistance)
  • Interactive exergame scenarios
  • Adjustable resistance level
  • Number of repetitions per session (1 ÷ 1024)
  • Customizable maximum speed

Human-robot interface

  • Integrated 15.6’ multitouch screen
  • Bluetooth connection for keyboard and mouse (optional)
  • Medical grade ergonomic artificial leather handle
  • Integrated arm support
On-board sensory system

  • Force resolution: better than 0.2N
  • Position resolution: better than 0.1 mm

Haptic properties

  • Max output force: 45 N
  • Force resolution: 1.1% FS
  • Max end-effector speed: 0.8 m/s


  • Redundant sensors with automatic check of data consistency
  • Overload protection
  • Automatic speed limitation
  • Damping virtual edges